During many years of professional work in the fields of renewable energy and environmental policy, I have been deeply concerned about the effects of human activities on the environment. My focus was originally on the environmental impacts of energy technologies.  After studying the energy options globally available, I was convinced by the mid-1970s that the most economically and environmentally sound way forward required the vigorous adoption of renewable energy and efficiency technologies. In the decades and books that followed, I strongly advocated for those technologies and for more intensive use of environmental restoration technologies to repair damaged natural resource systems.

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Transformation: Turning Climate Crisis
into Jobs and Prosperity

Transformation: Turning Climate Crisis into Jobs and Prosperity will show that a massive clean-energy investment program will produce millions of new jobs over a decade while generating trillions of dollars in savings.

Such a program will also create a cascade of environmental, public health, and social benefits. Transformation will show how these benefits would accrue to particular stakeholders. These beneficiaries would then be supportive of policies and investments needed to induce a swift energy transition and to help generate popular and political support for them.

Transformation provides a vision for guiding the massive infrastructure investment program so it achieves a clean energy revolution, rather than being squandered on a conventional refurbishing of highways, bridges, tunnels, and the old energy economy. The book also conveys up-to-date information on cutting-edge renewable energy technologies and recipes for supercharging the American economy. In conclusion, Transformation shows how, in pulling back from the brink of climate catastrophe, we can create prosperity, economic justice, and tens of millions of new jobs all over the world. It offers a practical roadmap to a prosperous, sustainable future.

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