Forests Forever

Their Ecology, Restoration, and Protection

Forests Forever provides a panoramic overview of critical issues in forest ecology, policy, and management, bringing together trenchant ideas from ecology, politics, sociology, economics and other fields. The book also provides a critical appraisal of the Bush administration’s forestry policies, while describing positive developments in forest protection in the U.S. and abroad. The book tells how to live with forests without further damaging or destroying them, and how we can begin to repair the damage done. It proposes that forests be managed according to enduring ecological principles rather than short-term economic imperatives, and explains how the forest ecosystems operate and why they are so important for biodiversity. The book exposes what has gone wrong with the management of forests in America, what has gone right, and what can be done to change priorities.


 “In this book the reader will learn many things, including the systematic deceptions of industrial forestry. The reader will also be furnished with the informational tools needed for the fight to save the forests–as well as to improve them and even recreate them. . . . I cannot imagine a more practical book for the student and citizen-conservationist than this one. . . .”

– Charles E. Little 
Foreword to Forests Forever

“Society has learned little from history, in part because the cumulative tyranny of unwise decisions–which led to catastrophic events–has seldom been chronicled. In his book, Forests Forever, John Berger provides a rare archive of such myopic political/economic actions that, if taken seriously, can help prevent further destruction of the world’s forests, which, after all, constitute part of the global commons.”

– Chris Maser, Author
Sustainable Forestry and Distinguished Forest Ecologist

“Forests Forever is the go-to guide for serious readers seeking to understand the politics of forestry. “Berger. . . provides an in-depth look at the. . . dangers facing American forests. He makes a point of stating that the nation has ‘neither Democratic nor Republican forests.'”

– Colleen Mondor

“In this meticulously researched and magnificent book . . . Berger has taken the fate of the forests out of the woods and placed it where it squarely belongs, at the heart of civilization. Communities of trees are our kith and kin, herein given the voice and grace we have too long ignored.”

– Paul Hawken
Author of Blessed Unrest, and The Ecology of Commerce

“[Forests Forever] is a smashing, timely, and totally appropriate indictment of the corruption of the public interest in management of land and forests by an administration totally devoted to corporate welfare at public expense. When the Bush administration passes . . . its lasting heritage . . . will be the . . . impoverishment of the nation’s National Parks and Forests, given over to unbridled greed defended by a succession of patent lies, all revealed here.”

– Professor George M. Woodwell
Founder and Director, Emeritus
Woods Hole Research Center