Climate Myths (2013)

Climate Myths Front Cover

The Campaign Against Climate Science (Northbrae Books)

Climate Myths is both an authoritative primer on climate change and a definitive rebuttal of climate science skepticism and denial. Climate skeptics and their oil and coal industry sponsors have long tried to discredit climate science and thwart climate legislation and policy. Climate Myths describes their modus operandi in detail and historical context, exposing the pseudo- scientific “think tanks,” “institutes,” and assorted rightwing proxy organizations that manufacture myths about climate change, paralyze the climate policy process, smear reputable scientists, and pretend that policies to protect the climate pose a dangerous threat to American democracy and prosperity. Climate Myths debunks these myths by drawing upon the established principles and notable achievements of authoritative climate science.

Clearly written in layman’s terms and suitable for introductory-level and advanced readers alike, Climate Myths summarizes the imminent threat of rapid climate change and points readers toward needed action, with extensive references for further study.  This volume is the first of a three-book series.  Volume 2, Climate Peril, focuses on the causes and consequences of rapid global climate change and how they affect nature and industry. Volume 3, Climate Solutions, offers hope and shows how we could create a climate-safe world by radically transforming our energy, transportation, and land use practices.

What Others Have Said About Climate Myths

“Temperate and reality-based.  [Climate Myths] is a good book to have on hand when climate change is on the agenda, especially in a public forum.”

– Planning Magazine

“Berger has written extensively about climate and ecology, and now presents a slim handbook designed to aid readers in refuting arguments against climate science. He provides straightforward analysis of the groups opposing climate science, their financial motivations, and the successful tactics they use to sow seeds of discord in our national conversation. Berger cites the sabotaged Kyoto Protocol as an example of how effective these tactics have been, tracking the strategies the political and industry groups who labored behind the scenes used to bring about its demise in the U.S. Senate. While the author spares no one in his careful dissection of the facts, pointing out some of the more egregious failures of the media to conduct basic fact-checking, Climate Myths functions primarily as a guide, directing readers to groups aligned against climate science and providing concise responses to the most commonly heard global-warming myths. This is a title to build discussions around, both for adults and for students, and should be considered mandatory reading for those eager to do policy battle for environmental causes.”

– Colleen Mondor

“The evidence is overwhelming, yet denial is stronger than ever. “Climate Myths: The Campaign Against Climate Science” discusses the arguments against climate change, offering rebuttals to these arguments, and highlighting the billions of dollars funding the call to keep the status quo rather than undertake valuable action. Climate Myths is a strong read for those who want to better understand the fuel behind climate change denial and how to better refute it.”

– Midwest Book Review

 ” . . . with Climate Myths, John J. Berger paints a riveting portrait of where the climate argument came from, where it is going, and what its implications could mean for the future of our planet, and the end result is a vital read–regardless of where the reader falls within the argument.”

– Craig Manning
Independent Publisher

“This small book is another great resource for those who wish to confront the climate change deniers or for those who want to understand why the United States has been caught off guard by extreme weather.”

– Nancy Pearlman
Trustee, LA Community College District
Published in The Compendium Newsletter

“ . . . the energy industry has been successful at creating doubt and blocking legislation by creating a series of myths about climate change.  Dr. John J. Berger successfully destroys those myths in Climate Myths: The Campaign Against Climate Science . . . The problem isn’t what they say so much as what they don’t tell you—what they leave out . . . This is a quick easy read that will make it possible for you to refute the talking points of the change deniers and I recommend it.

– Ron Beasley
The Moderate Voice

Climate Myths is invaluable for both skeptics and believers . . . [It} is bent on setting the record straight. If you are seeking answers, it will debunk commonly held beliefs and shed light on the best scientific facts available in the world to date.”

– Gloria Sinibaldi
Tahoe Daily Tribune

“There is simply too much at stake – and not just on the science of climate change but the future course of human history and our insatiable dependence on carbon emitting fossil fuels… Berger points out the false information that is being spread around, maliciously and intentionally… For anyone interested in why these myths persist despite the overwhelming and growing scientific evidence, Climate Myths provides many of the answers… [It] is a step in the right direction.”

– Fereidoon P. Sioshansi, Ph.D
President, Menlo Energy Economics
Published in EEnergy Informer
Page 22 (April 2013)

“I didn’t feel overwhelmed with information, which sometimes you get with the longer books . . . [Climate Myths] gives you loads of information . . . written in a way that most people will be able to understand and is then backed up with documentation.”

– Raz Godelnik
Co-founder, Eco-Libris
Published in Green Books Campaign Blog

“When institutions choose to ignore the facts surrounding climate change, instead of pursuing to debate these institutions based on scientific logic, we can choose to debate their logic based on rhetorical theory. Dr. John J. Berger provides us these tools in Climate Myths: The Campaign Against Climate Science.  He describes the origins of the climate “debate”, the strategy of purposeful climate “disinformation”, and conflation of arguments used as a way to disrupt appropriate prudent immediate action.

– Gabriel Thoumi, CFA

“We must listen to the majority rather than the monied before we go over the environmental precipice.  Berger’s book provides plenty of ammo — it’s time to use it!”

– David A. Schwerin, Ph.D.
President, Institute for Ethical Awareness,
Author, Conscious Capitalism,
Published in Wide Angle Thinking

“By revealing these truths, Berger allows us to see the problems and forces in front of us. . . We are now armed with the ammunition to refute and rebut climate change deniers and their ilk. . . 5 stars.”

– Gavin Webber
The Greening of Gavin

Reader Reviews

“If you sincerely care about the subject of climate change and are in doubt that human activity is the major cause of the present rapid changes in the world’s climate, I highly recommend reading this book. If you are like me and would like a good, reliable resource that compiles straightforward information that dispels the efforts of corporate sponsored climate deniers, this book serves as an excellent resource.”

– Brian Lux, Owner
A Quiet Corner For Books

“I was intrigued… It is an easy read… It clearly illustrates how we are manipulated by those who pretend to be experts.”

– Jennifer A. Jilks
Country Cottage Reflections

“If you are looking for an interesting and cogent discussion of the climate change topic this is the book for you.  And, if you have any remaining friends or family members who are still in denial about climate change than you may want to buy a copy of this book for them.  I highly recommend this!”

Beth’s Book Reviews

“The author does an excellent job portraying the political, economic and social factors which have contributed to the so-called ‘debate on climate change.’ Using sound science, and well researched facts, he paints a vivid picture of how certain organizations have deliberately introduced misinformation about climate science. Berger refutes the assertions of these myth makers and paints a clear picture of the imminent threat climate change portends and the actions individual citizens can take to combat it.”

– West Coast Reader

“If an informed and educated public provides a primary pillar for a functioning and viable democracy, Dr. John Berger’s book, Climate Myths: The Campaign Against Climate Science, is a ‘must read.’“

– Donner

“If you’ve ever wondered how and why an issue of such dire importance, and backed by pure science became so politically polarized, this volume is essential… for any other logical reader it would be quite difficult to hang on to any shred of misguided skepticism after having these most common myths and misconceptions debunked with such authority… We owe it to ourselves to stay informed by science, and not by the politics that surround this issue.”

– Reader Review