Net Zero—An Innovative Building Revolution That Could Speed The Clean Energy Transition and Protect the Climate
The Huffington Post
July 22, 2016

A Cow’s Life: It Isn’t All Clover
The Huffington Post
June 13, 2016

“Thank you for submitting probably the most important environmental book that has been written in many years. . . . This book is in my top three choices for this year’s judging, if not my number 1 choice. . . .The author and publisher are to be commended for this book.”
— Benjamin Franklin Awards
May 2015

Summary of Climate Peril
Get Abstract
April 2015

“This is a great overview, putting many angles into perspective, and the future really does look a scary place even if we do manage to keep under that two degree cap.”
— Bettie’s Books
February 7, 2015

Intelligent Readers and the Climate Crisis
Triple Pundit
October 23, 2014

Review of Climate Peril
Greg Laden’s Blog
September 8, 2014

Antarctic Melting Now a Challenge for US Climate Policy
Live Better Magazine
July 24, 2014

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