Recent Interviews with John Berger

An Interview with Washington¬StateScreen Shot 2018-04-17 at 4.32.57 PM Governor¬Jay Inslee¬† March 2018

We sat down with Governor Jay Inslee to talk about his most recent book, Apollo’s Fire.¬† Inslee walks us through the next big American Revolution: the energy revolution and dissects what changes are necessary for a transition into a clean energy future among other riveting climate change topics.


On the Green Front¬†¬July 10, 2013

A prolific author on climate change joins us for some analysis of Obama’s climate plan. Dr. John J. Berger makes his debut appearance on The Green Front with some VERY quotable insights about the urgency of our situation.

Climate Myths: how climate denialists are getting away with bad science¬†¬
April 29, 2013

In Climate Myths: The Campaign Against Climate Science, Dr. John J. Berger deconstructs the climate change denialists’ myths in simple, easy-to-read terms.

Interview With Dr. John J. Berger On Climate Change¬†¬February 1, 2013

An Interview About Climate Change, Climate Activism, Renewable Energy, and Personal Responsibility with Energy and Natural Resources Author John J. Berger

Archival Interviews with Dr. John J. Berger


Sunday Interview¬†¬October 26, 1997

John J. Berger: Getting Resourceful About Energy / As the debate on global warming heats up, environmental consultant John J. Berger argues that we could easily live more lightly on the Earth.

download.pngRestoration of Environment Emerges as a Major Goal¬¬†¬April 5, 1988