Charging Ahead

bc_ChargingAhead CoverThe Business of Renewable Energy and What It Means for America

Charging Ahead foretells the world’s next great energy transformation: the shift to clean, renewable energy sources. It shows how renewable energy, energy efficiency, and electric vehicles, when used together, can give us back a clean environment and create a healthy, sustainable economy. In chronicling this extraordinary technological revolution, John J. Berger provides a fascinating look at the new industries that will make it possible, and the trillion-dollar benefits Americans can enjoy by choosing pollution-free energy and transportation.


“I found this material interesting and informative.”

– Vice President Al Gore

“Dr. Berger has laid out a compelling case for what America must do to capture the benefits of renewable energy and conservation. If we can build on his excellent analysis and policy recommendations, our country can avoid spending billions of dollars on foreign oil. This book is indispensable for anyone seriously interested in studying the history of each of the major alternative energy sources.”

– Former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley

“Very timely and important.”

– Former U. S. Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall

“This book is a definitive description of the U.S. renewable energy industry and an argument for regulatory change to support it . . . The case studies themselves—with their personal stories of struggle and triumph-yield valuable and basic lessons on entrepreneurship.”

– Robert Day
Nature, September 1997

“Berger . . . stirs the imagination with exciting examples of the progress being made in the fields of solar, wind, bioenergy, and geothermal technology and with electric vehicles and hypercars.”

– David Rouse
Booklist, May 1997

“Dr. John Berger’s book is more than a believable, fully-sourced, easily readable update about progress in most solar energy and energy-efficiency technologies. It is also a gripping drama . . . Dr. Berger has done a monumental public service. His book . . . belongs in the hands of every owner of a home or building, every person who dislikes smog and oil-wars and nuclear pollution, and in every college, high school, and public library.”

– John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D.
and Egan O’Conner, Author-Editor

“I emphatically urge our readers to master this important, very readable book on the history, status, and role that conservation and renewables can [have] to impact the economy by providing clean energy in a fully sustainable mode. Dr. Berger has created a definitive work on what America can and must do to exploit the benefits of renewable energy and conservation.”

– Paul Maycock, Editor
Photovoltaic News, June 1997

“A broad survey of renewable-energy technologies and a reasoned call for their increased use . . . Berger’s no-stone-unturned approach makes his book a valuable reference for soft-path advocates.”

– Kirkus Reviews, March 1997

“[Charging Ahead] offers indeed a good picture of the various issues and technological perspectives of renewable energy sources for electric vehicles, including precious literature references.”

– G.C. Michellone, President and CEO
Centro Richerce Fiat

“Dr. Berger’s book ranges from lucid descriptions of how renewable energy technologies work, to vivid histories of pioneering renewable energy firms and their principals, to cogent policy recommendations. This book is rich in data, case studies, and incisive analysis. As former United States Senator Bill Bradley writes in a jacket blurb: ‘this book is indispensable for anyone seriously interested in . . . major alternative energy sources.’  He’s right. It is!”

– Pacific Institute Report, Fall 1997

“The book provides valuable insights into the development of the renewable energy industry in the United States, in a very clear and thoughtful manner. . . Charging Ahead . . . helps to bring energy issues to the forefront and serves to reach out to a broad audience on the challenges of achieving a sustainable energy future.”

– James Gustave Speth, Esq.
Administrator, UN Development Programme

Charging Ahead by John J. Berger, a teacher and consultant, is an excellent primer on the technologies and companies involved in the political debates . . . With thorough case studies, Berger provides technical as well as economic backgrounds of the major renewable energy realms. In addition to an introduction to these technologies, Berger provides a portrait of the economic difficulties that many companies have encountered as a result of the failure of domestic energy policy and proposes his own measures to help move our communities towards a renewable energy future.”

– Public Citizen News, Summer 1997

“Berger . . . provides memorable portraits of inspiring figures like Steven Strong, a world leader on building integrated photovoltaic systems, wind power wizard Robert Lynette, and Mike Bergey, of small wind turbine fame . . . and gripping accounts like that of the Sacramento Municipal Utility District’s visionary commitment to renewables. I came away from the book thinking that the world would be well served by having weekly television and radio shows and news columns showcasing many other inspiring stories and calls to action.”

– Michael Totten, Executive Director
Center for Renewable Energy & Sustainable Technology
Sunworld, Decemeber 1997

“For the past twenty-five years, our nation’s energy policy, and at times our international policy, has been dictated by our dependence on foreign oil. Dr. Berger’s book not only debunks the myths about renewable energy, it also provides our nation with a blueprint for . . . a more stable and certain energy future.”

– Former U. S. Senator Mark Hatfield

“The political and historic record is clear: harmful environmental practices often are sustained by uneconomic policies. Charging Ahead shows us how to marry good economics and sound environmental initiatives to promote a cleaner, safer, and more independent energy future for America.”

– Congressman George Miller
Senior Democratic Member, Committee on Resources
U.S. House of Representatives

Charging Ahead offers a clear-eyed assessment of the U.S. solar energy industry and builds a compelling case for a renewable energy economy. With its vivid portraits of renewable energy entrepreneurs and scientists . . . [it] brings an exciting message of hope.”

– Denis Hayes, Esq., Former Director,
Federal Solar Energy Research Institute,
U.S. Coordinator, Earth Day 1970 and 1990