Beating the Heat


Why and How We Must Combat Global Warming

The temperature of the Earth is rising faster than at any time in recorded history, and may increase by up to ten degrees in the next century. The ominous consequences–famines, floods, droughts, fire storms, disease, rising sea levels, melting glaciers and ice polar caps, more violent hurricanes, mass extinctions, destruction of vast ecosystems, and agricultural dislocations–have already begun. Beating the Heat is a lively, concise, and rigorously-researched exploration of this imminent crisis. Environmental specialist John J. Berger shows the causes and consequences of climate change, rebuts the deceptive arguments of climate change skeptics, and presents practical and affordable solutions that could assure a climate-safe future.

Reader Reviews

“Beating the Heat is a highly-readable call to arms for renewable energy advocates wanting to help mitigate global warming. It could become a handbook for climate activists who want to polish their arguments based on hard scientific, political, and energy systems information.”

– Professor Stephen H. Schneider
Editor, Climatic Change, Stanford University

“John Berger has written a dynamic book on the most important environmental issue facing the world today. Everyone who wants the truth about global warming should read Beating the Heat.”

– John Adams, Co-Founder and President
Natural Resources Defense Council

“The right book at the right time. As public concern about global warming escalates, John Berger outlines a U.S. strategy for stabilizing climate.”

– Lester Brown
President, Worldwatch Institute

“Beating the Heat is a good, readable, short practical primer on global warming and the economic opportunities for addressing it, both on a country level and as an individual.”

– Former Congressman Richard Ottinger
Dean Emeritus, Pace Law School

“[Beating the Heat], written for the non-technical reader, should be valuable in adding to public understanding of an issue that is complex, uncertain, and interdisciplinary in nature. The book does an admirable job of communicating to the general public the risks of climate change and therefore the importance of clean energy strategies.”

– Robert K. Dixon, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary
Office of Power, Technologies, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
U.S. Department of Energy

“Beating the Heat is a superb primer on global climate change. In outlining the science, the industry opposition, the fictionalized but very credible reactions of decision makers and a series of individual and national solutions, John Berger has produced a brief, accessible and invaluable citizens’ guide to the global climate crisis.”

– Ross Gelbspan
Author, The Heat Is On

“Can human society act to preserve itself when confronted by ominous but long-term issues? Global warming poses that question in agonizing form, and John Berger’s authoritative, up-to-date, reader-friendly book will help us answer it.”

– Ernest Callenbach
Author, Ecotopia and Ecology: A Pocket Guide