Many people now understand that climate change is a huge problem. As weather extremes become more common, a powerful financial storm also pounds Americans. Millions have lost their homes and jobs, communities struggle to fund their schools and their police and fire fighters, one in seven Americans depends on food stamps, and some politicians are demanding further deep cuts in public spending. Where will money to protect the climate come from?

Instead of contemplating doomsday scenarios, Transformation offers a potent strategy that could simultaneously rescue the economy and put an end to our climate problems. This strategy re-channels capital from fossil fuels to renewable energy and energy efficiency—without adding to the national debt.

Transformation presents compelling evidence that we can restore economic vitality by building a new, clean energy system for America. Imagine having low unemployment, healthy economic growth, affordable energy, a clean environment, fewer entanglements with the Middle East, and secure domestic power supplies at predictable prices. Building this new renewable energy system is the most effective step we can take to protect our economy and our climate. This is the third volume of a three-book series. Volume 1, Climate Myths, focuses on the political campaign waged against climate science. Volume 2, Climate Peril, focuses on the causes and consequences of rapid global climate change and how they affect nature and industry.

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