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“In the general climate of environmental woes there is an occasional ray of light: a chemist pioneers the technology of building marshes in Chesapeake Bay, and botanists re-create the prairie; a chapter of the organization Trout Unlimited clears and stocks a Cape Cod stream; a village in Wisconsin, rejecting federal flood-relief money, moves to a new site above the flood plain. Berger (Nuclear Power: The Unviable Option) describes public-spirited men and women who have worked to repair and restore our damaged natural resources, with varying degrees of success. The Nashua River in New Hampshire is improved, though still polluted; results of a toxic waste cleanup in Montague, Mich., are as yet unclear. Turning the devastation of abandoned strip mines into productive land has sometimes succeeded, with the cooperation of officialdom and owners. Berger provides some splendid models for the fight for environmental improvement.”

− Publishers Weekly
(Review of Restoring the Earth)

“Dr. Berger has laid out a compelling case for what America must do to capture the benefits of renewable energy and conservation. If we can build on his excellent analysis and policy recommendations, our country can avoid spending billions of dollars on foreign oil. This book is indispensable for anyone seriously interested in studying the history of each of the major alternative energy sources.”

− Former U. S. Senator Bill Bradley
(Review of Charging Ahead)

“A new book by John J. Berger, Ph.D. couldn’t be more timely. Berger, the author of numerous books, is an internationally-respected energy and natural resource expert trained in ecology. His latest book, Climate Myths: The Campaign Against Climate Science, persuasively dissects eleven arguments often used by those who deride the seriousness of climate change. Many polluters in the fossil fuel and allied industries are spending large sums of money to obscure the facts about global warming in much the same way the tobacco industry did… We must listen to the majority rather than the monied before we go over the environmental precipice. Berger’s book provides plenty of ammo – it’s time to use it!”

− David A. Schwerin, Ph.D.,
President, Institute for Ethical Awareness,
Author, Conscious Capitalism,
Published in Wide Angle Thinking

“Dr. John Berger’s book is more than a believable, fully-sourced, easily readable update about progress in most solar energy and energy-efficiency technologies. It is also a gripping drama . . . Dr. Berger has done a monumental public service. His book . . . belongs in the hands of every owner of a home or building, every person who dislikes smog and oil-wars and nuclear pollution, and in every college, high school, and public library.”

− John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D. & Egan O’Conner,
(Review of Charging Ahead)

“Can human society act to preserve itself when confronted by ominous but long-term issues? Global warming poses that question in agonizing form, and John Berger’s authoritative, up-to-date, reader-friendly book will help us answer it.”

− Ernest Callenbach
Author of Ecotopia and Ecology: A Pocket Guide
(Review of Beating the Heat)

“In this meticulously researched and magnificent book… Berger has taken the fate of the forests out of the woods and placed it where it squarely belongs, at the heart of civilization.”

− Paul Hawken
Author of Blessed Unrest and
The Ecology of Commerce
(Review of Forests Forever)

“If an informed and educated public provides a primary pillar for a functioning and viable democracy, Dr. John Berger’s book, Climate Myths: The Campaign Against Climate Science, is a “must read.” Whether one is a layman new to the issues, an environmentalist already aware of human-caused planetary warming and its dramatic implications upon future generations, or a skeptic or denier willing to consider the merits of the research findings, the book will provide valuable insights into the efforts to discredit the science of climate change . . . the author provides a concise, useful, and very readable work that “shines a light” on the origins of the campaign against the science. It “names names” of individuals and organizations behind the “myths” . . . put forth to discredit sound research findings. Also included is a very useful, easy-to-understand,easy-to-follow primer about the natural and physical processes and human causes of global warming that is based on a solid foundation of scientific discovery and inquiry. Reading this highly compelling book has given me a much better background and understanding about the underpinnings of the debate, the actions of special interests to undermine valid science, and the adverse impacts upon public perceptions of the issues. It underscores an urgent need to support positive measures to avert a looming crisis as more scientific evidence surfaces. . .”

− Donner
(Review of Climate Myths)