Arbor Day is Coming up!

by John J. Berger, Ph.D and Lani Maher

Arbor day is a holiday that celebrates and promotes the planting of new trees. Arbor day was founded in 1872 in Nebraska and spread throughout the United States. Similar holidays are also observed in over 30 other countries. In the United States, National Arbor Day is the first Friday in April, but each state has also designated a specific day or week for the celebration of Arbor Day, in accordance to the growing seasons of vegetation in each state.


In preparation for California Arbor Day (March 7-14), the International Society of Arboriculture and Trees Are Good have prepared basic tips and directions for planting trees. “Planting a tree is making an investment in the future,” says Sharon Lilly, ISA Educational Director. “You must care for and nurture your young tree so that it will pay dividends for years to come.” These tips are designed to ensure trees are planted and initially maintained in such a way that maximizes their chances of long-term survival and growth and can be found here.


Forests Forever is a great resource for those celebrating Arbor Day. Chapter 15 discusses the benefits of planting trees. According to author Dr. John Berger, “While planting a single tree may seem like a small gesture, with enough public support this simple act can be multiplied millions and even billions of times until significant local and regional ecological benefits are realized. These benefits can include soil protection, flood prevention, wildlife habitat, aesthetic renewable fuels, and the removal of airborne carbon dioxide. Tree planting can also modulate local temperature extremes.” The chapter also provides more detailed, in-depth tips and suggestions for successful planting.

Additional Resources

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